Kate Middleton is Officially Married to Prince William!

Well guys it is officially announced that Prince William and Kate is married. Congrats to the newly wed Prince and Princess of Wales.

One of the greatest moment in life is to offer your vows to each other to be a lifetime together in times of troubles and happiness. Recently, we witness the live coverage of Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding. Kate appeared very georgeous and beautiful in the majesty of the thousand year old Abbey looking up and smiling as she and William sang along with their 1,900 guests. Nearly 400 of the guests are close family and friends.

Prince William exchanges rings with his bride Catherine Middleton in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams inside Westminster Abbey, Friday, April 29, 2011 in London. A lot of pictures was taken during the wedding as their souvenir and collections.

"You look beautiful" that is the first word that comes from the mouth of Prince William that she told to Kate when they arrived at the altar of the church. They looks so perfect and all of the people wishing all of the best in your lifetime relationship and commitment. If you missed to watch the coverage of the wedding, you could click the image below to watch The Royal Wedding Replay Videos.

Click the image for The Royal Wedding Collections & Photos
 Credits and Photos: ABCNews
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