Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion has a relationship

Finally on Piolo Pascual confirmed and admited his relationship with KC Concepcion on the Buzz last Sunday during his interview with Charlene Gonzales. He revealed that KC is his girlfriend since October 21, 2010.

“…I’ve come to a point in my life na mas gusto kong magpakatotoo regardless of what people might say, regardless of people’s judgment or
opinion, i guess because the person deserves it. I guess because i just owe it to myself, i owe it to the public and i owe it to that person.” said Piolo Pascual.

It all began when the two paired in the Philippine television remake of Lovers in Paris. And since then rumors started that Piolo was wooing KC.

“It’s very liberating, siguro what I’ve to deal with is a…sorry I just have to expound on this. The reason why I never admitted naman or not elaborate it because may pinoprotektahan ako. You know how it is, I have a son na hindi mo makasama. Ayaw mong mapariwara ‘yung bata, ayaw mong magkaron ng ibang reaction kasi bata ‘yun, he’s only 13 years old. But I think I decided at this point na kung ano man ang magiging reaction ng anak ko from here, we just have to deal with it." he added.

So after all the speculations and rumors, the truth is in here. But what about the gay rumors? When it will end? Will this confirmation of the relationship between Piolo and KC finally put an end to the gay rumors? It's up to you guys.
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